Ellen Ehk Åkesson


Glass Artist Society virtual conference:

Interview and demo in the Kosta hot shop with Bertil Vallien and Ellen Ehk Åkesson:



– first recipient of the Ulrica Hydman Vallien foundation scholarship.

The jury’s statement:

“Ellen Ehk Åkesson employs empathetic integrity to create forms and designs which are powerfully moving in their surroundings, stimulating new associations and reflection.

Ellen transforms her roots in the soil of Småland into headstrong dimensions by emphasising contrasts and exuberant imagination. Thus far she has primarily taken on the challenge of clay, but the lantern in her piece Stone and Lantern opens the doors to further exploration of the potential of glass.

More information: https://www.ulricahydmanvalliensstiftelse.se/the-scholarship/

Upcoming exhibitions:

Galerie Nec, Paris
group show, summer 2020

Berg Gallery, Stockholm.
soloshow, August 2020