Ellen Ehk Åkesson

Kennet Williamsson about Ellen Ehk, (english)

Ellen’s work is dealing with a search for identity, using clay as a tool. Often her work is about an article for everyday use. The identity in a coffee mug, that kind of identity that has its identity in the coffee cup itself. The essence and meaning of the coffee cup. An object that one is drinking coffee from, designed and made using the human hand and using the imagination. The actual making of the utilitarian object, the repetitive work at the potter´s wheel, the rolling of the clay, the cutting of the knife through the clay, her direct touch of the material gives her insights and the imagination gets helped by the physical act of doing, in order to make a totally imagined object. This wish to be able to unite the body (the act of doing) with the mind (the act of thinking and feeling) is a deep human aspiration in search for meaning; for why I exist in this physical world. The everyday object is symbolising the care-taking and the life-giving and the art objects of the imagination, the dreams and fantasies of Ellen herself, descended into matter, into clay.

Kennet Williamsson