Ellen Ehk Åkesson

News Summary 2014

The London based trend bible Viewpoint magazine, features the work of Ellen Ehk Åkesson in issue of 2014!

“Ellen Ehk Åkesson is inspired
by the ordered yet chaotic nature of biological growth.
For her collection of Black Stoneware Forms she has
created a series of containers, emulating the principles
of repetition and construction that occur in
the natural world.”
Cabinet Da-End IV
20/3-24/5 Galerie Da-End, Paris

1 kubik Konsthantverk

September 2013 – December 2014: Exhibition tour showing Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Sofia Björkman, Esme Alexander, Masayoshi Oya; Mårten Medbo, David Taylor, Jennie McMillen samt Karin Johansson. The show includes artist talks and lectures.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 4/2-8/2

Ellen Ehk Åkesson is presented by Konsthantverkarna, monter B08:11 “We make the space

Ellen Ehk Åkeson was attending the First Henan international Jun porcelain pottery camp during november-december 2014 in Zhenhou, China.


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